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Amy Y Amy Y

Who is Amy Y

California based jewelry designer Amy combines elements of nature and her philosophical visions to ultimately create an aesthetic equilibrium in her jewelry designs. Through the appreciation of the natural world and extensive knowledge of gems, her passion is evident as the conception of an image is sketched in intricate detailed illustrations and then transformed into one-of-a kind pieces of fine jewelry. Amy’s desire to enhance life, art and nature is realized in each design she creates. Inherent in her repertoire of designs is a graceful balance between the ancient and modern world. Each piece is delicately preserved in alchemies of 22k, 18k, platinum, painted enamel & inlaid precious stones and handcrafted in the United States. Amy’s work is often characterized as whimsical, magical, capturing the essence of life through her fascination for anything beautiful. Known to be of the finest quality, her designs are influenced from the world around her and embraces her love of nature ultimately transforming life into a menagerie of beautiful & charmingly nostalgic jewelry.


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