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Sophistication Unveiled: Ole Lynggaard’s 60th Anniversary

Sophistication Unveiled: Ole Lynggaard’s 60th Anniversary

Meridian Jewelers is delighted to present a true gem in the world of high-end jewelry: Ole Lynggaard. As we celebrate their 60th year in the industry, this Danish jewelry house has continued to captivate the hearts of luxury enthusiasts worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the exquisite world of Ole Lynggaard, highlighting their anniversary, the influential Kelly Rutherford, and their various collections, helping you make an informed choice that suits your refined taste.

Ole Lynggaard’s 60th Year Anniversary

Six decades of excellence! Ole Lynggaard’s 60th Anniversary is a testament to the brand’s enduring commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. They celebrated this momentous anniversary this June with a garden party at their headquarters in Hellerup, donned with couture fashion, musical performances and a festive dinner.

Each of Ole Lynggaard’s designs focus on signature craftsmanship, timeless elegance and versatility. Meticulously detailed and adorned with precious gemstones, each creation is a celebration of artistry.

Ole Lynggaard’s designs transcend fleeting trends. These pieces are versatile, suitable for both formal occasions and everyday wear. Their understated elegance makes them adaptable to various styles and outfits.

Kelly Rutherford: The Influential Face of Ole Lynggaard

No discussion of Ole Lynggaard is complete without mentioning Kelly Rutherford, the renowned actress who has been a lover of the brand for years! Kelly’s impeccable style and sophistication perfectly mirror the essence of Ole Lynggaard jewelry. Her influence has helped introduce these exquisite pieces to a global audience, reaffirming their status as a symbol of luxury and refinement.

Read more about some of our favorite Ole Lynggaard Collections below.


A cosmic collection of stellar fine jewelry designs featuring white brilliant-cut diamonds mounted in 18 karat gold designed by Charlotte Lynggaard. The Funky Stars Collection is brought to life by new, intricate techniques creating a range of edgy expressions. Composed by layers of brilliant-cut diamonds, the Funky Stars have a multidimensional structure of exceptional sparkle.


Charlotte Lynggaard’s lifelong romance with precious stones of rare hues is poetically expressed in her collection of divine flowers exuding femininity and natural grace. Designed to be worn in single splendor or in a bouquet of contrasting tones. Lotus rings are stackable, and earrings are changeable creating a versatile expression.


The Boho collection is the beginning of an extraordinary new line by Charlotte Lynggaard. Inspiration is found in the Art Nouveau period, the Bohemian lifestyle, and Mother Nature’s wonders. The bold and bulky, chic pieces are lavish creations, crafted by hand in our artisan’s workshop; individually shaped, set with unique gemstones and precious diamonds, and all mounted in 18k gold.


Shooting Stars are crafted from 18k gold and embellished with scintillating white diamonds. The collection started with one unique showpiece, but grew alongside the growing demand for Charlotte Lynggaard’s delicate diamond-starred jewelry.

Explore the world of Ole Lynggaard at Meridian Jewelers and discover the perfect piece to adorn your life with beauty and luxury. Visit our online shop today to browse this iconic brand’s stunning collections and find the jewelry that speaks to your heart.

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