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Pomellato’s Paper Series: Unveiling the Essence of Milan

Pomellato’s Paper Series: Unveiling the Essence of Milan

In the ever-evolving world of luxury jewelry, Pomellato stands as a beacon of innovation and surprise. Since its inception in 1967, this iconic brand has shattered conventions, redefined elegance, and captured the spirit of change. Today, we are excited to introduce you to Pomellato’s latest venture, the Pomellato Paper Series, a creative journey delving into the heart of their inspirations. In this edition, the spotlight is on Milan, the beloved hometown that has influenced and shaped Pomellato’s artistic identity.

Craftsmanship at Casa Pomellato:

Founded by Pino Rabolini, Pomellato has been a trailblazer, combining craftsmanship with innovation since its inception. Born from a revolutionary idea that challenged the norms of traditional jewelry, Pomellato emerged during a time when Milan was experiencing cultural vibrancy. The brand’s vision was to cater to the needs of newly emancipated women by offering jewelry that expressed change and freedom, breaking away from traditional displays of power and wealth.

Fast forward to today, and Pomellato remains committed to its roots. The entire creative and production processes unfold at Casa Pomellato in Milan, under the artistic eye of Creative Director Vincenzo Castaldo. For two decades, Castaldo has lent his exquisite touch to Pomellato, becoming a spokesperson for aesthetic elegance free from stereotypes. The brand’s philosophy revolves around inclusivity, celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of individuals.

Craftsmanship is ingrained in Pomellato’s DNA, with each jewel entirely handmade by skilled goldsmiths. The brand invests in the next generation of artisans through a partnership with Galdus, a Milan-based goldsmithing school, preserving the value of craftsmanship for generations to come.

Pomellato Together: A Tribute to Milan’s Spirit:

Enter “Pomellato Together,” the timeless new collection inspired by Milan and energized by love. This collection pays homage to the city’s spirit and reflects quintessential Italian design. Subtle and sophisticated, Pomellato Together embodies the modern design aesthetic with sleek double bands of the smoothest gold, elegantly linking together with Milan’s refined contemporary touch.

Symbolizing the strength of togetherness, each piece in the collection represents the intertwining lives and horizons of charismatic women. The design, where two become one, symbolizes the nature of relationships that playfully evolve. The ring, wearable on both sides, and the pendant necklace, moving sensually through the fingers, beautifully interpret the essence of connections.

Celebrating 20 Years of Creativity:

Pomellato Together not only celebrates the link between Pomellato and Milan but also honors the dedication of the Maison’s Creative Director, Vincenzo Castaldo, in his 20th anniversary at Pomellato. An exclusive preview of the collection’s latest design—a timeless pendant of two rose gold hoops embellished with shimmering white diamonds—reflects Castaldo’s outstanding eye for detail and groundbreaking design.

The symbolic meaning and interlinking gold bands instantly capture Pomellato’s passion for emotive design, embodying the celebration of togetherness and bonds between loved ones.

Discover the allure of Pomellato Together, a collection that not only pays homage to Milan but also celebrates the enduring spirit of relationships. At Meridian Jewelers, we invite you to explore this exquisite collection and embrace the timeless beauty crafted by the skilled hands at Casa Pomellato in the heart of Milan. Indulge in luxury, celebrate togetherness, and make a statement with Pomellato’s latest masterpiece.

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