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Lori’s Fall Favorites at Meridian Jewelers

Lori’s Fall Favorites at Meridian Jewelers

Fernando Jorge:

Imagine a world where art and jewelry meet in perfect harmony, a world where each collection is a masterpiece that leaves you in awe. This is the world of Fernando Jorge, a designer who has captured the hearts of art collectors and jewelry enthusiasts around the globe. At Meridian Jewelers, we have the honor of discovering his talent, and it is a moment of pure inspiration.

What sets Fernando apart is his continuous evolution of his collections. Each year, he takes a step forward, building upon the beauty of the previous one. It’s as if he’s painting a new canvas, and every stroke of his creativity blends seamlessly with the last. This is why collectors find themselves coming back for more, year after year, eager to explore the new wonders he has to offer.

Lori has a great friendship with Fernando. In a moment of intuition, she told Fernando that he would become “Designer of the Year,” and it wasn’t long before that prediction came true. He was announced as the Designer of the Year at the prestigious Gem Awards. It was a well-deserved honor for an artist whose work is a true gem in itself.

Being part of his journey has been an honor for Lori. Throughout the years, they have grown into a great friendship. The designs speak for themselves, and her clients love the pieces, naturally. Lori has been able to bridge the gap between the client and the designer, allowing them to know the man behind the designs. They’ve had some fun luncheons and farm-to-table dinners, creating opportunities for collectors to forge a personal connection with the artist.

Friendship Beyond Jewelry:

From attending concerts with Fernando to hanging out in Aspen and getting to know him as a person, it has been a pleasure to become friends with this incredible artist. His friendship is a joy that Lori deeply values.

In the world of jewelry, Fernando Jorge is not just a designer; he’s an artist who creates masterpieces, a visionary who continues to evolve, and a person who touches the hearts of those who get to know him. At Meridian Jewelers, we are more than just a fine jewelry and luxury watch store. We are honored to share this journey and look forward to many more years of inspiration and friendship.

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